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Mr Sudhir Iyer is a M.L.S. , Diploma in Computer Science , IRDA / AMFI certified professional , SEBI Approved Financial Advisor, has been in the field of investments for over 25 years directly or indirectly guiding clients with a proper investment plan so that their goals are archived, maybe child's education, marriage, Holiday's or retirement. True you could get a loan , why burden yourself with a loan when you can make proper investment plan's it with our help.

He has also helped people with insurance planning, so as to protect the family and give you returns when they need them most , has been a shrewd investor in the Indian stock market & future in Gold where he has a proven track record. " He does not like FOREX nor does he recommend Forex trading. " He Believes that before you start trading you have to understand the basics of Investment , then you take step two that is trade in stocks in small quantity mastering it , and understanding the risks involved in Futures and Options you can plan to trade in them .

We strongly believes in the line "INVEST YOUR TIME BEFORE YOU INVEST YOUR MONEY".

Sudhir Iyer

For direct questions to Mr Sudhir Iyer please feel free to Email : or Call 00971505704579, he would be happy to answer your query and advise you with your Financial Problems.

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